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Life is short
Life has its beginning
Like a book or a story that there’s an ending
For eternal life is always waiting
To end those pains and sufferings.

It made me remember
When I still had my grandfather
Who was there for me when I needed care
And woke me up in the midst of nightmare.

Years had passed and his strength was finally over
Day by day his knees were getting weaker
Until one day he couldn’t land his feet
It only shows how life is so swift.

From dark hair to gray
Not knowing that his birthday would also be his last day
I have nothing to do but to pray
That God will find a way to be with him again someday.

A single memory

A single memory
Is all it takes,
To preserve and remember
What a lifetime makes.

So wrap it up
Tight in your hand,
And never let go
For as long as you can.

For as long as you keep it
It will always be safe,
But if you let go
You’ll regret the mistake.

So I plead with you now
To never let it go,
Keep it safe from harm
From friend or foe.

That mistake I made

I was confused inside
Not knowing what I wanted out of life
I was wrong in the choice I made
Wish I could take back the hurtful things said

I should have listened to me
Not the stupid people talking
I should have known myself
Before opening the door and walking

I now   miss you more then I thought
And I know we’re still close friends
But in a way, that hurts even more
Because when I see you all I want to do is miss you

I tried pleading to get you back
But all you said was no
You told me you need more time
But how long will that drag on?

I realize I hurt you
And you probably want other girls
But please don’t forget the one
Who still wants your heart to be hers

Though I know I messed up too bad
And I just have to accept that
I still wish you could call me “baby”
And talk to me until four in the morning

I let my pain out, though it is not fair
I brought this upon myself
And now my tears still...


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