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Jane Eyre, Effective Opening

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Jane Eyre. Analysis and reasons on why it is an effective opening.

Jane Eyre has an effective beginning for many reasons. I shall start at the beginning. Jayne Eyre as a book is eponymous, meaning that the title of the novel is the name of the main character. This is effective because before we start even reading the book we are thinking, “Who is she?” “What is her role in the story”. Through the first chapter we find out a lot of important character traits relating to both Jane and her cousin John. We feel incredibly sympathetic towards Jane as not only is she being bullied by her family, but she has grown accustomed to it.
On the first page we find that she questions everything, that she will not stand by whilst injustice is being served. This may show her personality through the rest of the book which makes her stand out as a very powerful character even though she is described as inferior to the rest of the family.   This may portray her as a role model to many female readers that feel that they are inferior to men. “Girl Power”.
When she locks herself within the library, she comes across many books that are complex, it is surprising that a child aged 10 is interested in “Bewick’s History of British Birds” also later on in the chapter she also tell about her love and passion for “Goldsmiths History Of Rome”.
Throughout the begging chapter the colour red that signifies anger, passion and terror, For example the “Red moreen curtain” that she hides behind and the blood drops from her injury both signifies anger, anger towards John. This may get the readers thinking that the story is about Love, anger and most of all passion, a passion for justice. At the end of the chapter she also gets locked in the “Red Room” by her aunt. This may represent anger, confinement and terror.
During her time in the library she describes a book, “Bewick’s history of birds” that I mentioned earlier. She describes “Gave significance to the rock standing up alone in the sea of...


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