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Job Interview: 7 Answers You Should Not Give

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Job interview: 7 answers you should NOT give

Job interview: 7 answers you should NOT give

If you are going to appear for a personal interview, following are some of the most expected questions you will be asked. Although
these are simple and straight questions yet the way you answer them says a lot about your appropriateness for the position. While most of the times we talk about how one should answer the questions in a personal interview, it is also important to know how one should not answer these questions. The right answer to a question is absolutely dependent on the situation and cannot be carved in stone but knowing the right and wrong approach to answer these questions will help you in dealing with the situation. This article tells you the wrong/ right approach to answer some of the most frequently asked tricky questions:

1. Why does this role interest you? Or why have you applied for this job? Wrong approach: This role interests me because I believe it will offer me a lot of challenges which I love to face and I'll get to learn a lot in this role & progress in my career. Right approach: Rather than discussing about what the job can do for you, match your skills, experience and personal qualities with the requirements of the job and tell the interviewer that since you have all these qualities, you have applied for this position.

Discussing weaknesses

2. What is your greatest weakness? Wrong approach -1: I don't have any weakness. Wrong approach 2: I can't take pressure (if you have applied for a position where you know pressure is always going to exist, for e.g. if you have applied for a position in sales) Right approach: Every human being has weaknesses. The key to answer this question lies in admitting that you too have weaknesses and offer either a completely unrelated weakness which wouldn't have an impact on the role you have applied for or present one of your strengths as weaknesses. You can also analyse the situation and if the...


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