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Garfield-the Worm Turns

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Oh hi allegedly making here. Let me get out of the water here. Oh thanks for offering to help but I can manage on my own. Yeah I was afraid for a while day. Are you worried cunning? Just let me pull my energy back up and I’ll show you around. Are pumps was right around here a minute ago! Well I’ll find it later. Right now I want you wake Wade. Oh no…oh no! I am shrunk and I have that surely down very small! HELP!! I am tiny! Hash… Had better warn you! Wait sometimes panics over the silliest thing. Help!! I have short them. See what I mean? Stop that way you are the same size I am. Are you sure too? Oh no! Look! The trees are sizes and the bar and your friends everything are shrunk down my mean. Hahhah… Oh wait! You are too committing. You have got the attention of things! Hahhah…Think before you act! Hahhaha…Oh oath! So that’s kind of how it is around here. Roy tends to…what’s that? You think workers out hunting worms? Oh no…bookers doesn’t do that anymore. Tell your friends what happened? Well if you want to hear the story. (2’36) It all happened about a week ago you know how Booker loves to hunt worms. Hey, Booker! What are you doing? Fishing for worms. OH, come on! Hunt worms with me. I can’t. I have the painting picture today. OK, but you miss out the chance to see. Oh, that’s alright. I have to kish my microwave. All right now I think maybe I need a short nail. Booker set up a trap fro the worm. There, a great first class worm’s trap. Twenty a prize, Unn! That worm doesn’t stand a chance when I get my hands on that worm held by. Are you fool me, WORM?! She loves me. She loves not. She loves me. She loves not. Yes, Booker was pretty dedicated to worm hunting and led that day. The WORM! The WORM! I have the worm. I shall hit it bar. The worm, the worm, the worm hates me but I don’t mind it. If I can find its neck. Get away from me. HELP! Give me out this. HELP! Give me down for here. HELP! Somebody help me. Help! Help! Help! So Booker yell for help hours passed...


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