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Incurable Disease

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When I was younger I was taught that being rude was looked down upon, and others did not like to be around rude individuals. In the short time that I have been around I have noticed people have become ruder by the years, like rudeness is an incurable, widespread disease, spreading in our schools, public places, even our own homes, and no one seems to have noticed. Now that I am older, I see others doing things that are rude, and I see that others take it in like nothing is wrong. So I guess nowadays people like others to rude to them.
Just the other day I was in lunch at school and the lunch lady was asking the girl, who was too busy talking to a boy, what she wanted to for lunch. Finally giving up, the lunch lady slapped some chicken pot pie on her tray, shoved it the girl’s hand, and called for the next person in line. The girl looked down on her plate in disgust and made it known that she did not ask for this, throwing it back down on the counter. I was in complete shock, how dare she do something like that to a grown woman? I expected the lunch lady to reach across the lunch line and teach her some manners, which would not have been such a surprise to me, as to what the lunch lady actually did. She just simply fixed another plate, of ravioli this time, for the rude, untrained teenager and looked at me to tell her what I wanted. I looked at the lunch lady with a wide-eyed expression, waiting for her to snap. She just smiled back at me, helping me come to the conclusion that she liked being disrespected by rude, untrained teenagers.
Then comes the rudeness Americans show each other on the roadway. Driving is already hard enough; one does not need someone tailing them as they drive the highway, when they are trying to concentrate on the road. I was riding down the road with my mom one day and this old lady was in her Cadillac, in the fast lane, but she was driving the exact opposite of fast. Here comes this country hillbilly man, speeding down the highway, in...


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