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Relativism and Morality
Shepherd Leach
Frederic Hibbler

    In the piece “Some Moral Minima” written by Mr. Goodman some very interesting points are brought up and explained to me as valid.   As I reviewed the information presented to me, and thought about it, in several cases I would have to agree with the author’s stance that there are some things that are wrong.   Some such as genocide and slavery especially in regards to women and children is very wrong and that we as a nation should not sit back and continue to let it happen, and pretend it is not something that directly affects us.   As a nation we want to wait until it looks like there are no other options than for us to get involved in telling another country what they are doing wrong and just how wrong it is. We always seem to wait to try to make a change for the better.   If anything we should learn from our past mistakes and not let them continue to happen. Such as learning from the horror of Hitler and his SS Troops to go out and attempt to wipe out an entire race, just for being different than them. I found ‘Some Moral Minima’ to be very well written and a very thought provoking piece, and a piece that really hits close to home.
    The first subject I have to agree with is genocide.   Looking back through history our nation as well as other nations have been slow to react to the horror of genocide.   The worst case to me is the slaughtering of nearly an entire ethnic and religious race, that then expanded to homosexuals as well as anyone that was perceived as being different from their murderers.   And that is what they the Germans of Hitler’s reign were as well as the other killers in history such as Chairman Mao of China and Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge.   Why does it seem that no one cares about these poor individuals or their lives?   It seems to me that we take no recognition of these events unless a movie is made depicting the horror of these events.
    Murder is wrong even if it’s...


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