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Irreconsilable Differences

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Dearest Genevieve,
We have been at Thornfield hall for two days now and it has been amongst the most interesting days as always. The magnificent Mr Rochester is completely enchanted with my grace and beauty, mama has ensured me that we shall be wedded by Christmas. One would just begin to think of becoming Mrs Rochester, such a thought brings joy to my very core; however, the greatest joy is to bless Thornfield hall and make it a sanctuary.
Mr Rochester does have exquisite taste of character and personality – usually, for as of late in the drawing room he has his out of wedlock, exceptionally annoying French brat of a child in the room. Of course those Eshton girls where infatuated with it; as where Mrs Eshton and Lady Lynn, constantly talking to it. It is upon the top of my list to remove once I am queen of Thornfield hall. One would assume that Mr Rochester would send her to school as a test to see if she is fit enough to survive and be educated and return to Thornfield hall; but, he insists on having that governess - which may I had he has invited into the drawing room! With my knowledge of governesses I can honestly say that they are a completely obsolete. Why allow a commoner to sit in the same room as us?   Sitting by the window seat just constantly looking at us and trying to look busy, she should just do the right thing – leave and not come back!
I have seen the way this creature looks at Mr Rochester; her eyes tell a story that her voice cannot. The idea that she believes that she can enamor him is laughable, she is nothing. For instance as soon as I began to play the piano I could feel her eyes watching me in awe and filling with jealousy. Once Mr Rochester sung with me, everyone knew we are destined to be together and so did that governess… but did Mr Rochester, for as soon as he stopped singing he went straight out after that governess, he was only gone for five minutes but he was gone. There is something this governess has but I’m sure it is...


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