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Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?

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Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?


George Stein comes from a middle class family that values the importance of education.   He is currently a college mechanical engineering student who is out of school for summer break.   In order to earn extra money he began to work at the Eastern Dairy plant.   Eastern Dairy paid George double the amount he was use to making in the past and he was also a member of the labor union.   (Buller & Schuler, 2003)
Eastern Dairy produce ice cream mix as well as milkshake mix.   The ice cream is prepared in 5 gallon and 10 gallon sizes for various companies to sell under their own name.   The milkshake mix is only prepared in 5 gallon sizes and is sold to area restaurants. (Buller & Schuler, 2003)
George works the night shift and he really enjoys his job and fellow co-workers.   To top it off, their crew doesn’t have to worry about bosses looking over their shoulders because managers/supervisors are not assigned to their shift.   Paul is the person on the night shift left in charge of production and handles any problems that may occur.   The night shift only has two responsibilities.   The first responsibility is to run and conclude the production orders every night.   The second responsibility for the night shift is to clean the pipes and equipment in order to pass random health department inspections. (Buller & Schuler, 2003)
On one particular night George was faced with an adverse situation.   He noticed the overhead pipes had milkshake mix leaking out of one of the joints.   In order to investigate the problem he turned off the pumps and took apart the pipes.   Upon his investigation he noticed maggots were causing the problem.   He went straight to Paul about the problem.   Paul instructed George to clean the filters and restart the product.   George followed the orders given to him and restarted the machine.   However, a few minutes later, the same problem occurred at a different location.   Once again, George turned off the...


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