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Business 7

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1. Of the four conditions in the business word that will most affect how administrative managers direct activities, which two do you think will affect your life most? Why?
      I think the growth in the information sector and the significance of corporate culture is affecting my life because those things are helpful for my work. First, the growth in the information helps access to information immediately. It has changed the way we work, play, learn and live. There are big four information technologies that are computer networks, image progressing, data storage, and artificial intelligence have affected ways that workers retrieve, process, and output information. Networks are necessary for sharing data and communicating information with customers or partners by emails, chat rooms and video-conferencing. Image processing allows users to convert paper documents into electronic images. Data storage systems not only do these systems focus on availability of data anytime and anywhere, but they also protect, organize, and backup documents, critical data, and information in a firm. Artificial intelligence systems are the application of human intelligence to computers. This technology senses a person’s action, and based on logical assumptions and prior experience takes the appropriate action to complete the task Thanks to the growth in the information that the administrative managers do better and faster in workplace. “Virtual” organizations have replaced by collaborative networks. “Road warriors”, the new ultra-mobile workforce, increasing work out of “briefcase offices”. Business are outsourcing more functions to stay flexible and still profitable in times of rapid of change. Lifetime jobs are a thing of the past: creating a strategy for one’s career is requiring new. Coping with changes of this magnitude will test an administrative manager's flexibility and foresight- the flexibility to change and the foresight to anticipate to changes and prepare for news way of doing...


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