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Styles of Parenting

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Styles of Parenting

      The dictionary definition of parenting is: The rearing of a child or children, especially the care, love, and guidance given by a parent. Parenting styles are strategies that a parent uses to raise a child in the way that they believe is best. A parent may develop his or her own parenting style that are usually influenced by their own parents and the culture in which they live. The type of parenting that a parent chooses has a huge effect on the adult the child will become. Diana Baumrind developed one of the most popular theories of parenting style. She believed that parents usually fall into one of three categories. The Authoritative, The Authoritarian, and the Indulgent Parent. Later, she added one last style of parenting called Neglectful parenting. |
      An Authoritarian parent is usually seen as a strict parent. This type of parent usually has very high expectations of their children. They expect the child to follow by their rules without giving explanations as to why the child has these rules. They are more likely to use physical punishment then to explain to a child why what they are doing is not right. In some cases, the child will rebel. The child will usually be less independent because her or she has always been told what to do.
      An Authoritative parent is usually seen as the more balanced type of parenting. These types of parents expect mature behavior of their children, and treat them likewise. The parent usually respects and accepts the child’s feelings and opinions. They encourage their children to be independent, but still give the child limits.   This type of parent will usually set clear boundaries and standards for the children to follow, but will give reasonable explanation for punishment. Usually, the parent will try to teach the child, instead of punishing the child. Child-rearing experts see this type of parenting as the best approach.
      Indulgent parenting is also sometimes called permissive...


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