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Shakespeare 6

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In Hamlet, Shakespeare has created five skilfully, informative and exciting scenes. Shakespeare has introduced seven important characters including then Ghost! He has made us aware of the domestic situation in the royal family, and through the Ghosts story he has made us realize that Hamlet is a play off revenge. Hamlet plan to put on being mad also creates suspense and tension. In addition Shakespeare has established the love plot, revenge plot and the supernatural side of the story; this enables Shakespeare to be able to keep the reader’s attention! In the first scene we have also met Polonius and his family; Laertes departs from Paris but will return in a later date, to play a more important part. Hints are also added with regards to Ophelia and the romantic side of the Hamlet. Shakespeare establishes the atmosphere of the play, in scene 1.  The scene takes place in Elsinore, on a platform before the castle.  The atmosphere is one of dark battlements, which catches the audience’s attention right away.  As the bell strikes twelve on a frosty night, a silent ghost of the late King Hamlet appears twice.  This provides one of the high points of the scene, along with this; Shakespeare presents the reader with information, regarding the military preparations in Denmark.  All of this provides for a dark, mysterious atmosphere, where the reader wants to know more. 
In act one, Shakespeare combines atmosphere, development of character, plot structure, and madness, in order to set the stage for the rest of the play to come.  Act one is an excellent introductory act, in that it provides enough information to enable the audience to understand the situation, and to keep them interested, and wanting to read more.  In five short scenes, Shakespeare introduces seven important characters, including the ghost of King Hamlet. He has also made the reader aware of the domestic situation of the royal family, and has made the audience realize that this is a play of revenge.  ...


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