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Time for School

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School is one of my main priorities. I was always on time for school; rarely missed a day of school and just a kid who loved to learn and go to school. School came easy to me and it got easier as i got older. It’s kind of weird i say that because, a lot of teenagers would say they find it much more difficult, but me i find it easy. I was picked on when i was little but it didn't bother me. I strived for the best and that’s why I am where I’m at today.
If i could interview my first through 6th grade they would say that i probably wa the best student they had. During that time i achieved so many goals and received many awards. I was always to myself, did my homework all the time, never hung out with my friend or anything. In order to achieve in life you need to set standard goals for yourself. During those first six years of my school, i was a A straight student. In order to be an A student you need to have dedication in what you are doing and in yourself. And that’s what i had, i had dedication in everything i did those six years.
Seventh grade was when things got a little shaky with me in school. In the seventh grade all students are eligible to play sports. That’s the first year you are actually able to play in middle school. So me i decided to try out for the basketball team, and that didn’t go so well so i went out for the wrestling team. I made it and i started to make that my main priority. While wrestling, my grade started to seemingly drop significantly. That’s when i found out I couldn’t' handle playing a sport and worrying about school work. While playing a sport I had no time to study, do home sometimes not even eat, because the time i came home from practice. My grade grades during my wrestling season were a C-. I had to figure something out so i had to try and balance sports and work. When i was able to balance them both my grades went back to being an above average student during my track seasons.
In tenth through twelfth grade...


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