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Dadi Janki – 31st October 2011 – Om Shanti Bhavan Question and Answer

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Dadi Janki – 31st October 2011 – Om Shanti Bhavan Question and Answer
Q.What are your experiences of seeing the flame of the Yagya in the early days? Shiv Baba created the Yagya through Brahma and we took birth through it. Shiv Baba’s thought was caught by Brahma Baba according to time. Shiv Baba came down according to the time. Brahma had visions of destruction and Vishnu… the Golden Aged world. From this vision, he created the sacrificial fire. Each one of us is sitting in the Yayga and eating the food of the Yagya and serving the Yagya. We never thought the Yagya would become this big. In the beginning such a fragrance came from this Yagya that we were automatically pulled to it. I remember seeing Baba eating kheer and puris. Everyone was sitting and they were looking at each other with great love. I cannot forget this scene. Internally you have a lot of time. You may be active physically but each one has a lot of time internally. Go deep into the depths of what is the awareness of One Baba. No other thoughts will come. If you have waste thoughts even for one minute your life is not such a good life. Who gave you permission for those thoughts? Stop those thoughts! Why is your mind so loose that you allow that? I am a Brahmin, not a warrior. I am not a merchant either – doing deals. Baba, Yagya and Brahmins: tThere are these three things. Go into the depths of these three things. The face of Brahma is visible to those who are Brahmins. I need to remember Shiv Baba whilst keeping Brahma’s face in front of me. The number of Brahmins is increasing through the Yagya. The number of centres is increasing through the Yagya. Go into the depth of these things and you will experience the blissful stage because such thoughts will come from your mind into your chit and back again into your mind. If you wish to be blissful then you have to grind your own ingredients. Brahma Baba told us that if you don’t do this now, you never will. Remember the word ‘now’. If you forget...


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