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Road to Happiness

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My sincere thanks and appreciation go out to Professor Nasser Al-Omar whose lecture series: "Happiness between Illusion and Reality" was the foundation for this book.


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Islam is the religion chosen by Allah to save mankind from the deadly Satanic tricks. It is the divine candle bestowed by Him upon people to guide them away from the pitfalls oflife. Thereby it purifies the soul, and allows it to comprehend the fact that it has been created for one sacred duty: to worship Allah. Because Islamic books are commonly written in Arabic, millions of non-Arab Muslims are deprived of getting Islamic knowledge This has made a center of translation a pressing need. And with Allah's blessing and help we were able to achieve such a sublime goal, and we hope that our efforts will effectively contribute to the propagation of Islam. The aim of the center of translation is to use translation as a means of da 'wa. Our task is to provide non-Arab Muslims as well as truth seekers with Islamic material of high authenticity, so that they may get better understanding of Islam. May Allah help us accomplish our duty successfully. Abdulrahman Aljamhoor Editorial ryd@aljumuah.com


Most people are in total agreement about the pursuit of one goal in their life: happiness. This is true of all people whether they are devoutly religious or atheist, leaders or followers, rich or poor; they all long to achieve happiness. However, because people belong to different religious denominations, or schools of thought, have different feelings, wishes and aspirations, it is almost impossible to reach a universal definition of "happiness" . Notwithstanding the consensus of all human beings on seeking happiness, it is not surprising that people have defined for themselves various ways and avenues to achieve this common goal. And in so doing, a large number of them seem to have missed the target and have only succeeded in attaining what can be termed...


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