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Romeo Characterization

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Romeo is a very diverse romantic character. In the beginning of the play Romeo's love for Rosaline did not mean anything but heartbreak and pain. When Romeo sees Juliet for the first time he knows that she’s the one and automatically forgets about Rosaline. You know this because he says "what lady's that which doth of yonder knight". This shows how Romeo was before he got a glance at Juliet, he could not stop talking about Rosaline but now that Juliet is in the picture he can't stop thinking about her. Romeo even went as far as saying he loved Rosaline "Why such is love's transgression. Grief of mine own lie propagate to have it prest”. The love he had for Rosaline wasn't because he liked her or because of her personality but it was her beauty. Overall, it only made Romeo cry and depressed over his ex love.  
I personally feel that the love he felt for Juliet was very real. Romeo's heart has been stolen by his one and true love Juliet. That changes his whole personality and life style. Romeo's heart is full of such happiness it would kill him to see something horrible happen to Juliet. Romeo even goes about saying "good Capulet, which name I lender as dearly as mine own, be satisfied". He isn’t even up to fight against Tybalt, he even calls him is cousin. Romeo and Juliet stand on the balcony as they express their love to each other. Then Romeo declares to Juliet "It is my soul that calls upon my name. How silver sweet sound lovers' tongues by night, like softest music to attending ears". Romeo has found his love which he is willing do to anything for. Romeo is also a great poet who knows how to how to win a girls heart.
Sometimes Romeo does things and doesn’t think of the consequences."Now Tybalt take the villain back again that late thou gravest me; for Mercutio's" something he has clearly not thinking through. In addition they fight and Romeo ends up killing Tybalt because he killed Mercutio. Which leads to him getting banished from their town.
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