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People Can Take Care of Their Family Members Better When They Live in Big Cities Than in the Countryside.

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Whether it is better to live in a big city than live in the countryside, the answer varies from people to people. In fact, I think the answer also varies from countries to countries. Just like In China, the development of countryside falls far behind that of a big city, so it is no doubt that people can take better care of their families and themselves by living in big city.
First, there are abundant medical resources in city, especially in big cities like Beijing and shanghai. Governments of big cities spend money on constructing various excellent hospitals attracting a great many of outstanding doctors and experts from different fields. What’s more, Citizens are provides with medical insurance, which help them to cover their medical cost. In china, many suburban go to hospital in city for better diagnose and treatment, and if they have relatives in city, they would use their medical insurance to reduce the increasing high cost on medicine. So if I live in a big city, I could help my family members a lot when they are ill, I could take them to the best hospital without worrying much about the cost.
Second, Good education resources concentrate in big cities in China. In fact, the distribution of education in china is extraordinarily uneven. In the countries, especially those in remote and poor areas, a teacher may instruct more than 2 subjects like chemistry ,Chinese and sports at the same time by virtue of the shortage in teachers, so the teaching quality couldn’t be guaranteed. What’s more, universities offer more seats to students in big cities. So if children study in schools at city, they have more opportunities to be admitted to famous university.
All in all, in china, I can take better care of my families by living in city.


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