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The Media and the Self-Image of Women

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The Media and the Self-Image of Women
Fake images are the consequences of a society in which those who have perfect, thin bodies benefit most.   As a society, we have created an environment so image-obsessed so that those with power are able to give approval for being thin, and disapproval for being “fat.” This creates a generation of women self-conscious about their body image.
When media targets and forces young women to hate their bodies, it makes them more vulnerable to following media stereotypes.   Media sources promote the message that unrealistic thinness equals popularity, which also equals beauty, success, and all the "good" things in life.   In many cases, the media has constructed false images that behave and act in certain stereotypical ways, in turn causing young and impressionable women to be unjustly misled.
Images are being taken to the extremes throughout the fashion industry, often displayed by hollow cheeks and thin bodies.   It has been proven that media images have a powerful effect on young women today due to its extensive reinforcement on everyday lives.   Anywhere we look, we could come across unattainable images.   Whether they’re in magazines, on billboards, or in clothing stores, it seems as though this is something we can’t get away from.
In my opinion, our society seems to disregard the fact that inaccurate and misleading images are the product of the corruption of women and their bodies.   The wide emphasis on beauty and perfection is growing everywhere; from television shows and commercials to magazines and billboards across the nation, it is a tremendous reflection of society's view on one’s image and outer beauty.


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