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Cultural Artifact

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The Awakening
I can hear voices, sort of like music but not pleasant music. The room in which I am stabilized in is filled with chaos. I begin to open my eyes and start seeing big blurred images as if I am looking through a magnify glass. A doctor rushes in the room and gets all of the chaos out. I felt more relaxed. He calmly asked if I remembered my name. It took me a while, but I did. He left me alone to do some “remembering” he said. I got up to do some exploring instead, as I walked into the restroom beside my bed. I noticed a long thin handle with fairly soft clustered bristles mounted at one end of it lying by the faucet. Next my children and husband stormed in the room distracting me from my new discovery.
A few days later, I found myself at home fully recovered. I was up to date with everything I had missed during the past 9 years I had been asleep. I immediately returned to my everyday routine.   As I was driving my kids to school, I again came across the clustered bristle like handle sitting in my husband’s backseat in the car. I recalled seeing this interesting item before in the hospital I was in. I ignored it. I suddenly got pulled over for a wrong turn, as the cop approached me I seen the item for the third time! I was so eager to dig dirt on this item. After I got my children safely to school, I rushed home to do some investigating on this captivating item.
      I did some research and to my knowledge as long ago as 3000 B.C. ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Indians had an earlier version of this item but never fully developed the object. In other words they left the job undone.   The early English inventor John McCkinnley recently found the information on it and was determined to finish the project, transforming it to what it is now. He never gave it a name or described the uses it was meant for but the invention was there. As I kept reading I found out, now millions of people buy this item for various needs. There is no wrong way or...


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