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Jesus of Nazareth

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Jesus was a threat to the leaders of his time.   His teachings gained a following so large it threatened the Jewish leaders.   Jesus’ life experiences and teachings lead to his death.  
Jesus was born in Bethlehem.   His parents were Joseph and Mary.   They had to follow the Roman rules and enroll Jesus in the Roman Census.   King Herod the Ruler of Rome feared the current prophesy of the Messiah so much he tried to have Jesus killed as a child.   Jesus’ family fled to Egypt to escape King Herod’s ruling that all the babies and children be killed since the king had no idea who Jesus was.   There is no information on Jesus’ life from the time he was 12 years old to 30 years old.  
When Jesus was a grown man, he decided to be baptized by John the Baptist.   A little while after Jesus was baptized John the Baptist was arrested because people said he was a rebel.   Jesus started traveling and he would teach in the cities he stopped at.   During this time, Jesus collected twelve disciples.   Most of his disciples were fishermen and common workers.   During his travels, Jesus was regularly tested by the Jewish leaders with questions about the laws of their society.   They were trying to confuse and trap Jesus so that they could call him a rebel like John the Baptist.   While all of this was going on John the Baptist was killed by the Roman government for being a rebel.  
Jesus’ teachings created money and power problems for the Roman government.   The Jewish leaders felt threatened by Jesus’ large following of people who believed in him.   The leaders feared that Jesus would get his followers to rebel and defeat the government.   On the day known as Palm Sunday Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem and chased the “Moneychangers” or the people who sold their goods, out of the Jewish temple.   This took money away from the temple leaders.   Because of what he did, “The current Jewish Leaders plotted to have Jesus removed by accusing him of being a Blasphemer (a person who claims to be...


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