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Some People Believe That Society Should Try to Save Every Plant and Animal Species, Despite the Expense to Humans in Effort, Time, and Financial Well-Being. Others Believe That Society Need Not Make Extraordinary

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One of serious environmental problems the world is facing today is that our ecosystem is gradually losing plants and animals. Whether we should try our best effort to save endangered plants and animals is contentious. Some believe that despite the cost and time involved we should always giver priority to save plants and animals those are on the edge of extinction, while some suggest that the society does not need to make such huge efforts which cost so much money and job to save them. I opt for the first viewpoint.
When some think that we are wasting so much time and money just for charity work, they are misunderstanding. Environmentalists and their advocates, when pouring money and time into this work, are trying to save the ecosystem, the planet and therefore the human species.
Many will argue that environmentalists are exaggerating the problem. How can the extinction of several species that are so far away can affect human existence at sometimes? Then the counter argument is understating the situation. Hundred thousands of animals and plants have been extincted in the twentieth century, much more than the number of extincted species in other centuries. The disappearance of the animal and plan species created an unbalanced state of our planet’s ecosystem and caused devastated disaster. The grasshopper storm occurring in Mexico in 1980s is one of not rare examples. Human and economic losses incurred were much more than what people could imagine.
Besides, irresponsible human’s economic activities contributed in damaging living environment of many plants and animals. That will have negative impactson the lives of later generations. It was the time human should be responsible for what we have done to the nature.
Although we have to spend much time and money on saving endangered species, we will save lives. We have many alternatives to gain back money. But lives are all the things that we have. Therefore, I wholehearted agree that we need to invest huge...


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