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Working at Home Using Computers or Telephones Is Better Than Working in the Office.

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Nowadays, as the development of telecommunication and Internet, the working form becomes more various while the location limitation affects smaller. Some pessimists think that this conversion must lead to a larger disaster in human period. Others, however, put more importance on it especially those who want to work at home at any time they prefer. As to me, I agree with the statement that working at home using computers or telephones or any other modern technological product is better than working in the office. The reasons are as follows.

Firstly, working at home instead of going to the office, people can save a lot of time waiting for the bus or driving during the traffic jam. I have been fed up with getting up so early, squeezing into the crowded autobus every morning when I have to waste almost two hours on the road to my office. Just imagine what a wonderful day it will be if I can work at home with computers and communicate with my leader by telephone.

Moreover, working at home alone helps people form the consciousness of independence. People working at home must think about the whole task independently, trying to find out the solution. So in a sense they must complete their work by themselves. Nevertheless, working at home does not mean working behind closed doors. They also need to look for materials and suggestions on the Internet using computers. And sometimes they can call the colleagues and leaders to discuss about an issue.

Admittedly, working in the office indeed has some benefits which people who work at home cannot obtain. Group activities in the corporation, for example, are important methods establishing solid relationship and sincere feelings among colleagues.

In a word, considering all the reasons I mentioned above, I still firmly hold my opinion that working at home using computers or telephones is better than working in the office. And I suggest the activity organizers in a company gather up all the members to have a picnic,...


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