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Kenneth Walker
Ms Casey
Business Administration

I think it would be interesting to learn more about why Joel Johnson was at Foxconn factory; and to discuss how Johnson being there relates to corporate responsibility and corporate policy. The reason being to find out why Johnson was at Foxconn , what is going on at Foxconn, and why is this happening.

  What is Foxconn? Foxconn is a plant in Shenzhen, China. The single largest private employer in mainland China that manufactures consumer electronics. It manufactures different   electronics such as motherboards,   camera componets,   mp3 players excetera. Foxconns output accounts   for   nearly   40%   of   the   electronics   industry.   The   company   employs about 1 million   people   nearly   half   whom   work   at   the   20   year   old   Foxconn   plant in Shenzhen,   China.

Two   summers   ago   Americans had never heard of Foxconn. But that would all change   due   to   suicides.   There   had   been a   few   since   2007. Then   a   spate   of   nine   between March and May 2010.   The suicides   had all been   jumpers.   There were also   suicides   at other Foxconn plants in China. The   company   disputes   some cases evidence   gathered   form   news reports and other sources indicates   that 17 Foxconn workers   have   committed   suicide   in   the last   past   half   decade . Which seemed to be a serious   of   isolated   incidents which   was   becoming   an   appalling   trend.   One   jumper   left   a   note   explaining   that   he   committed suicide   to   provide   for   his   family.   Reports   from   inside the   factories   warned   of   sweat   shop’’ conditions;   old   allegations   of   forced   overtime   burbled to life. Foxconn and it’s partners   notably   Apple   found   themselves   defending   factory   conditions   while   struggling   to   explain   the   deaths.   I guess this   explains   why Johnson   was   at   Foxconn.

Another   reason   why Johnson   was   at   Foxconn was   to   find   out   if   the   Iphone   helped   cause   any   deaths. Foxconn are   business...


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