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She Stoop to Conquer, Comedy of Manners.

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to what extent and in what ways could "she stoops to conquer" be described as a comedy of manners?

"She stoops to conquer", is a play written by Oliver Goldsmith, an Anglo-Irish writer. This play is seen as a satire, a farce, a sentimental comedy, or even a comedy of manners.
Here, well focus on the comedy of manners and try to see to what extent and in what ways could this play be described as a comedy of this type.
According to a handbook of literary terms   ( by Franoise Grellet ), a comedy of manners is a comedy   that deals with the manners and way of life of an artificial, refined and fashionable society .
We ll see how Oliver Goldsmith introduces the idea of social classes with his characters   way of life and what it implies.

In this play, Oliver Goldsmith tells us a story which happens during the eighteen century and based on upper class englishmen.
He mainly uses two characters to reveal the classe consciousness : Mrs Hardcastle and Marlow.
Mrs Hardcastle is a wealthy woman. She focuses on money and the status money can bring her, she is obsessed by the idea of her niece and his son getting married because she wants her nieces inheritance to stay in her family. She dsn t seem to care about their true feelings : when she talks to them, shes not directly asking questions, or simply makes affirmations :   They are contracted to each other. Observe their little sports.
When she learns that Tony is not in love with Constance and that Constance wants to elope with Hastings, she clearly says that this man is not good enough to her niece, hes a   city boy   and is not a part of high society.
From the beginning to the end of the play, she s described as someone who cares about her age, she wants to be seen as a young fashionable woman. She says to her husband that she is   not so old as hed make her , and insists about the fact that she was twenty when she had Tony, as if she wanted to reassure herself.
As we said, Marlow is also a character who...


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