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¿What Are You Going to Do in 2o5o?

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¿What are you going to do in 2O5O?

What picture do you have of the future? Will life in the future be better, worse or the same as now? What do you hope about the future?

Futurologists predict that life will probably be very different in 2050 in all the fields of activity, from entertainment to technology. We are going to have some gadgets, like transparent touchscreens that will be a mobile device. I think also there will be watchs that have many applications. Could be cell phone, TV, Internet, electronic scanner, etc.

Then, 'Holographic TV' will have arrived: holograms are pictures that have height, width and depth. Simple holograms exist today and 'virtual reality' games are already popular. By 2050, we will be able to see, smell and touch the things that we see on television as if we were there.

In what concerns the environment, water will have become one of our most serious problems. In many places, agriculture is changing and they are growing fruit and vegetables to export. This uses a lot of water. Demand for water will increase ten times between now and 2050 and there could be serious shortages. Some futurologists predict that water could be the cause of war if we don't act now.

In transport, there are going to be a lot of new cars, clean fuels and they will go very fast. Cars will have computers to control the speed of the car and there won't be any accidents. Today, many cars have computers that tell drivers exactly where they are. By 2050, the computer will control the car and drive it to your destination. On the other hand, space planes will take people halfway around the world in two hours. By 2050, space planes will fly all over the world and people will fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo in just two hours. And there will be flying cars so there won't be traffic in the future.

In the domain of technology, robots will have replaced people in factories. Many factories already use robots. Big companies prefer robots because they do not ask...


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