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The Indian Revolt of 1857

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The Unwelcomed Foreigner:
Causes of the Revolt of 1857

The Indian Revolt of 1857 was a buildup of several events, resulting in its eventual outbreak. During the 17th – 18th century, the British East India Company conquered most of India. While reigning in India, the Indians revolted for two main reasons. Firstly, the British East India Company’s abolished of the traditional Indian economy and caused it to decline, which led to resentment among the Indians . Secondly, the Company westernized the country and disregarded Hinduism, which governed every aspect of their lives. By creating a threat to the Indian’s traditional way of life and worship, the British East India Company was therefore completely responsible for the Indian Revolt of 1857.
Before the Indian Revolt of 1857, there were several reasons for the eventual outbreak. During Siraj ud-Daulah’s last year in office as the independent ruler of Bengal in 1757, he thought the British acted as a menace to the country. Acting on his impulse, he attacked the trading posts the British put up in India when the Mughal Empire was at its weakest in 1750 (Lockard 601). The British then retaliated and sent out 3,200 men under the command of the Major-General of the British army, Robert Clive (Lockard 601). On June 23rd, 1757, the British overpowered the Bengali troops and took over Calcutta and the “foundation of [the] Oriental Dominion of England [was laid]” (Hazewell). The British government then named Robert Clive the governor of Bengal in 1758 and authorized the Company to govern Indian states. This was the beginning of the two main causes mentioned earlier that triggered the imminent Indian Revolt of 1857.
During the British East India Company reign over India, Indian resentment toward the British was created due to the abolition and decline of the traditional Indian economy. As the ruler of Bengal, Clive declared that he wanted the “British merchants and officials to drain Bengal of its wealth” (Lockard...


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