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Use of Media

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Use of media
The use of all media depends on documentation. At every stage the action will be profitable from documenting, what is going on, who is doing. It is all about statements, photos, newspapers, audio, videos etc.
The media is used by every company, university, college and all other institutions even the students of secondary level (high school level) are also using media.
According to research of ball state university center about “teen media”, the teen media is used “high school media too”.
Popular opinion about “teen media” is that teen media consumers are constantly surrounded by multiple media, but the image of the typical teen listening to an iPod, watching T.V, texting and browsing the internet all at same time it turns out, is grossly misrepresentative.
People have been using social networking for ever; face to face discussions (Face book) are a form of social networking.
Social media is also used for media study, like media conference etc. media is also used by engineers, doctors, architectures, designers, teachers, means all are using media for many purposes.
As of June 2011 “Face book” has 750 millions of users (Nielson).
The uses of media are totally dependent on “How you are using media”, that is why there are unlimited advantages and disadvantages of media.

                                                                Advantages of media
There are many advantages of media but these are about business field.
  * Actually media is the plural of “medium”. A medium is a way of sharing of information.
  * Means media permits or allows you to reach great numbers of people on a global and national or regional level.
  * Media provides tools to help peoples critically analyze messages offers opportunities for learners to broaden their experience of media and helps them to develop creative skills in their own work.
  * Social media provides scale and capable of reaching a global audiences.
  * Social media tools are generally...


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