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Food Handling

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Food handling

I visited a fast food restaurant three days ago. The cashier who took my order did not touch or prepare my food. She only handed me my cup for my drink. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail with a hat on. None of the cashiers had on gloves or touched anyone else’s food. The worker who handed my food called my number out that was on the receipt. She also had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and had a hat on. She did not have any plastic gloves on either. The cooks who were preparing the food were mainly males who had hats on. Although the cooks used tongs to pick up the food also had on plastic gloves for when they touched the bun for the sandwich. The workers who were at the drive-thru window handled the fry cartons, fixed drinks, and handed out bags through the window.   I even saw one worker who poured the bag of fries into the fryer take an order without washing their hands. The few workers that I saw come out the bathroom did indeed wash their hands. When I went to the restroom, I saw one worker who washed her hands in the restroom, and when she returned to her station she used hand sanitizer. There was one person in particular that I didn’t agree with what they did. I saw a manager go outside to smoke a cigarette. She stayed outside for ten minutes smoking and talking on the phone to whomever. When she returned to her station she only used hand sanitizer. I believe she should have washed her hands and then use sanitizer. A cell phone has a good amount of germs on the screen from the person who is using it. The lady was sweating a little bit, and the salt off our face was transferred to her cell phone.


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