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Editing Paper

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Giannina Nurena
Prod 366: Editing Paper #1
Prof. Dennis Kwong

Editing Paper

Fight Club:
The scene I picked in fight club was the scene when the narrator is getting beat up. The scene first starts off with a sound cut from another scene. You hear a scream from a man in pain before cutting to the actual fight. This kind of edit directs the emotion of the scene to be fearful and intense. The pacing of the scene continues slow with an establishing shot of the entire arena but picks up when the competitors become more violent with each other. The shots become close ups of the fighters and reaction shots of audience members rallying to see more fighting, and the cuts become quicker. It is until the climax of the scene where the action stops because of how brutally the narrator is beaten. The speed of the scene quickly turns to slow and pacing goes back to being smooth. Fight Club definitely had more variation of Close-ups, reaction shots, and establishing shots than in Karate Kid. But the scene was being more dramatic and dark so shot selection like in Ip Man would not have been so ideal. The scene was paced very well with a slight change in speed when the fighting become more aggressive.

Karate Kid (1984):
The scene I picked from the Karate Kid was the final scene. The pacing of the scene is the same with fight club as you start with the establishing shot and continue the action of the competitors with middles shots and reverse shots. But the angles are different. In Fight Club, you are in the action and angles are at eye level But with Karate Kid some are low angles, taking an audience prospective.   As the match continues, shots of when competitors are hit become middle shots and whips back to their reaction. So the pacing continues to be smooth but doesn’t pick up as fast as Fight Club. There are much more reaction shots between competitors and none of the audience members in the scene themselves. The variation of shots in general seems...


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