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A Story

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(Elizabeth Daus)
  You wouldn’t think two girls who were so different could become good friends, but it turns out they did. It was the summer of 1890 in Ohio.   Elizabeth was traveling down the Ohio River after traveling from Germany in a boat and automobile. She was so tired that she thought she would collapse. The boat came to a stop right after they passed a horse barn. The houses were much larger compared to the ones in Germany. Since her family was wealthy they got a large house the colors of a candy cane. Their house was on a hill so they had to climb up stairs built into the hillside. When they got up the hill and into the house three maids greeted them. (One for each person in her family.) Their names and ages were Jessie 22, Jack 19, and Janine 11. Elizabeth wasn’t paying any attention until she heard that there was a maid that was the same age as her, her name was Janine. Unfortunately the maid that would be taking care of her was Jessie.

(Janine Applegate)
  Jessie why do you get to be Elizabeth’s maid? She’s my age! Well, Mrs.Daus and I talked about it and agreed it would be better if both of you did not become friends. Why! What bad things could possibly happen if we became friends? Elizabeth getting mocked because she’s friends with a poor person. Yes Janine, and Mrs.Daus doesn’t seem like she likes poor people. Well can I at least write letters to her? Yes Janine just be careful around Mrs.Daus.

(Elizabeth Daus)
  Mama may I please play with Janine? She seems kind and creative. No, she is so different from you. Starting with you are rich and she’s poor. Why does that matter Mama? Remember you have Jessie for your maid not Janine. I have Janine. Mama please may I play with Janine! Please! No, and that settles this topic Elizabeth.


(Janine Applegate)
  Jack can I help you serve dinner tonight? Yes Janine. May I ask why? Um, It’s nothing. We’re late! Janine I forgot that dinner was at 7:00 instead of 7:30. Hurry grab...


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