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The Unnecessary Stay

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Alex Lee
English 111-02
Due: October 7, 2011
Hybrid Essay

The Unnecessary Stay

If I were stuck on a deserted island, I would want to have three items with me. The first item that I would want is a genie in a bottle. My second item would be a genius flying spider monkey. The third item would be a light saber. With these three items, I might not be happy, but I would be okay.
The most important item to have with me would be a genie in a bottle. With this, comes, three wishes; which I must decide upon carefully. Although I could use a wish and be sent strait home, I would rather stay and have a little fun on the island. The first thing I would do is begin looking for food supply and other resources to help me survive without having to make any unnecessary wishes.   If I were to realize there aren’t enough resources for me to survive, I’d wish for an unlimited amount of food and purified water. Being all alone on a stranded island would get lonely, so I would wish for a select few of my favorite female celebrities to join me. Nothing ever goes as planned, especially in a situation like this. I believe I would save my last wish for an emergency. I’d be very lucky to have this item if I were to be deserted on an island.
Another extremely important item I would want is a genius flying spider monkey. You may not realize it, but gathering materials can be the hardest part of surviving. Having a genius flying spider monkey would make it much easier. It could fly over the island searching for whatever I needed. Since they usually come with Kung-FU capabilities, the genius flying spider monkey could protect me and my ladies from any animals, or other threats.   Helping us survive would be its main job. But being my best friend would be just as important. It wouldn’t be possible to stay on the deserted island if it wasn’t for the genius flying spider monkey.
The light saber would be my last item. This would be my main tool while I am on the deserted island.  


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