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Ethics 301 Tui Case 4

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Affirmative action has been a very important issue in the workplace over the last two decades. It has brought a very politically charged debate to many people who have valid points on both sides of the spectrum. The Deontological view for affirmative action would say that groups that were harmed in the past have a right to be compensated with a job while others would feel that only the best person for the job deserves to get it. The utilitarian view for affirmative action would say that minorities deserve it because they would otherwise not have the opportunity while others would argue that it is bad to allow minorities to receive special treatment.   I do not believe that affirmative action is fair to anyone. As Americans, we strive have a strong work ethic. It is very unethical to take someone race into account when hiring. This is really disheartening when someone is hired based on their race over someone who is better qualified for the position. The idea of affirmative action can be defined as reverse discrimination. Not being hired because of your race is unethical just as being hired because of your race is also unethical. However, many government agencies give affirmative action treatment to disabled veterans. Now, this is not based on race but their service to their country and disability. Disabled veterans should not get preferential affirmative action treatment over better qualified when being considered for a job.
Disabled veterans are a special group of individuals who served our country proudly and should be honored for their service to our country. However, they fought to protect the freedom of our country along with our core values and beliefs. One of those freedoms that they fought for is being able to run a business as you see fit and being able to strive to do what you want in your professional career. This is not possible with affirmative action. It gives a group an unfair advantage over another. Sometimes, the much more qualified applicant...


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