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First Musical Performance

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First Musical Performance
During my school life, I used to listen music a lot. Slowly, my hobby of listening to music developed into passion in composing and singing songs. It was ninth grade when I started composing songs without any musical know-how   but beat boxing myself.
At the end of ninth grade , we had to give farewell party to seniors. I thought of singing songs of American rapper. It was the first time I had used google.com to search for the soundtrack. Finally I found the track and played. Unfortunately, the sound track was like ‘happy birthday tone’ in birthday card. I was frustrated after trying to search here and there since that song was flowing through my nerve and vein. One day I told these story of frustration to one of friend who worked in FM radio. He gave me the track of Nepalese rapper. I decided to sing that song.
I had heard his songs but never went thought the lyrics so I encouraged one of my friend who knew the lyrics   to sing chorus and I mugged the song with his help. We practiced for one day and audition was not bad. In the next day, we dropped the songs in the stage. There were loud appraisal from the crowd and teachers were staring us with big eyes. Students were cheering us, shaking their hands and bodies.
I was happy that it was my first musical performance . More than it, I was really happy in my performance where the guy from tenth grade to whom I had knockout badly   was dancing and singing much more than another form the crowd. (275 words)


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