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Wanna Get Lucky!

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I have thought about this luck issue from childhood and did experiment many things as I was really curious to solve this luck mystery. Following are the some of my attempts I made to understand this 'lady luck' and the findings;

MYTH 1: 'Some folks are just born lucky'

I was told by my family and relatives that I was born lucky because of some physical attributes (like certain palm lines, moles in left wrist, and the lucky chin). WOW! I really felt great for some time. But then I thought just like I am born lucky, some people would be born unlucky and that just doesn't seem fair, does it? Why should our destiny be decided by our physical attributes over which we have no control whatsoever??

I read a story in my 5th standard about a King who saw the face of the ill-fated person in the morning and his kitten bit his finger pretty badly . So he thought that the unlucky person should be executed as he brings misfortune in other people lives. But then his wise adviser made him realize that if that person is unlucky just because the king saw his face in the morning and got bitten by a cat then the King himself is more ill-fated than him because that person saw king's face and by that result he has to die.

The time I read that story, I thought luck shoudn't depend on the physical attributes at all.

MYTH 2: 'you can buy your luck'

I met a friend when I was eight years old who was very superstitious. He used to wear 4 different rings and lockets and used to tell me that it brings him good luck and I used to get very impressed! Well, I didn't had that much courage that time to ask my parents to buy me gold chain or diamond ring, so I had to have something that is lucky but less costly. For some days, I carried a red handkerchief and called it my lucky charm but within myself I knew I was fooling myself. Also, I was getting bored of carrying same colour of handkerchief so that strategy didn't work very well.

But after few days, I finally found my lucky...


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