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Applying Diffusion of Innovation

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COM-126 Communications and the Media

Applying Diffusions of Innovations Theory
      This essay be an examination and will express a form of innovation, such as a new or different idea, practices, or product using Rogers’ diffusion of innovation theory.   An innovation, merely expressed, is “an idea perceived as new by the individual.” (Rogers, 1997, page 1 of 5) Nevertheless others will be able to investigate this form of innovation with a diffusion approach. Ideas and skills travel through nations, conversing amongst public communication methods over time. Innovations spread and travel through individuals like wildfire, from the innovator once they are started.
      Studies on the Diffusion of Innovations, is to learn from the past, pursue and employ better original ideas. The beginnings of an innovation product in the market can be slow, until it becomes known and liked. As the innovation is produced and finds a place on the market, the requests and demands may increase or decrease. Depending on what the innovation may be and the demand for it will depend on how it may sell to the public. After the strategy is used, it will be decided if they will be perceived and considered as an innovator, early adopter, or a late majority. The innovation, communication networks, time, and social system are the four key essentials in diffusion of new ideas. Many innovations move quicker than others do. Characteristics of innovation will decide its rate of adoption. The characteristics are Relative advantage, Compatibility, Complexity, Trialability, and Observability.
      I would say that an awesome form of innovation would be, an “American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen,” to lower the dropout rate, and have more students graduate. This as an innovation would make a great impact, because it will make a difference on the school dropout rates. This is a program to help resolve the high school dropout program that would be beneficial to go nation-wide. The dropout...


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