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Poverty Is the Main Cause of Crime

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Poverty, scarcityor porness is the lack of income source to buy food and necessities of life.
Poverty being defined in the Penguin Dictionary as,"lack of sufficient money or material possessions for a life of moderate comfort.In some cases it is not only the state of having income that is below the line of poverty but it is also the inability to sustain a specified level of well being.
Poverty is the cause of crime:
It is in fact that most of the crime that occur are due to poverty,except for countries where the minimum necessities of life are met.No matter how much moral the person is,if poerty threatens his or her life then he or she is likely to indulge into such criminal acts and could try to attack the prevailing social structure.Some timer honest people who hate crruption from the depth of their soul fails to keep their mental balance and due to pressure of poverty they are indulge into crimes just to maintain their existance.In such cases the judges only look at the crime commmitted instead of finding the real cause that lead the committer to such an act.
What happens when a person is sent to jail and is labeled as a criminal.Then after his release he is further humiliated by the society and therefore is forced to become a habitual theif.The Family's actions along with influential peers at ayoung age can be a predictor of a future criminal.These actions by the family include poor parental supervision,harsh parental discipline,parental disharmony and rejection of child are seen as important sign that lead towards criminality at ayoung age.I can offer a simple example.A poor man sees a rich man having a watch,car,wife,house and suits etc.He becomes aware due to his life choices that he will not have the opportunity to attain these items of chances in future.Then he tries to get these froms illegal means.In this way he is attempted to crime.Children develop their values and social culture from the environment within which they are...


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