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Dreams - Essay 5

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Dreams are sometimes the reflection of what may be going on in our lives at the time. If we are worried or concerned about something that is happening we may dream something relating to this. Dreams happen in stages through images or emotions that are tied into what we are going through in our lives at the time. You may not always remember your dreams or you may recall the dream very clearly upon waking the next morning.

You may even walk in you sleep and not even realize it unless someone tells you. This may be a result of "acting out" a scene that could be taking place in real life or what you wish would or could happen. Dreams may even provide you with clues or ideas that will assist you with a project or idea you are working on. Because dreams are a connection to our subconscious they could be ordinary like dreaming of eating ice cream or give the dreamer a thought, ideq or provide inspiration.

Dreams may even provide a vision of something that will happen in the future or warn us against doing something that would put us in harm's way. The dream(s) can even seem very real upon waking and some people will recall a dream and what happened during the entire process.

Dreams can last from just a few minutes or as long as fifteen to twenty minutes. They can be happy, sad, scary and even enlightening. Sometimes eating something before sleep can cause some people to have odd dreams. You may dream in color, gray or black and white or you may only be able to "see" what is right in front of you in your dream.

Even animals dream and you can tell this by watching them when they sleep. Some will make noises or move their bodies. Everyone dreams and we may or may not remember what we dream about. Keeping a journal is a good way to remember the dreams you have.


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