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Eating Habits of Todays Generation

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INmany countries today, the eating habits and lifestyle of children are different from thoseof previous generations. Some people say this has had a negative effect on their health.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

It is been suggested recently that eating habits of children have changed and that has led to unhealthy lifestyle. I personally agree with this statement cos im 2 a big lover of unhealthy food.
In my opinion, to be healthy weust eat healthy which means we have   to consume   and varied food. My grandparents who lived in the countryside when they were little, eat vegatable and fruit right     from gardens and their families produced themselves milk, cheese etc. Nowadays, with the boom of fast food restaurants McDonald's for example has become childrens' favourite food. Products made in such reastaurants are often too greasy and salty and constitute all these emulsifiers and chemicals. Children in many countries like America, where fast food is extremely popular , complain about their childrens' obesity and health problems.

ast food may tickle our taste buds but it harms our health in more ways than we can count.Fast food is the food served commercially which takes only a few seconds to assemble, is palatable and affordable. But in an attempt to meet taste requirements at a low price several nutritional compromises are made.

On the other side, living in the 21. Century offers us a variety of food and restaurants. It is up to us what we are goin 2 do fr our health . There are fingerlicking restraints bt we certainly should have control on dis appetite.
To sum up, I reckon that children today gobble up with unhealthy food but it depends on us what we   are goin   to eat. At least we have the choice to select what we eat and have greater variety of food in comparison to previous generations.


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