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Narrative Essay- 'She Looks Very Sad'

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Students are asked to copy these narrative essay as a guide on their writing

Continuous Writing.   (Narrative Essay) – Begin your story with “..She came into the classroom looking very sad …
She came into the classroom looking very sad because she could not accept the really good words, that is ‘I love you’ from Jeremy. She remembered when knew she actually likes Tae Kyung, Jeremy ran with tears on his face and went to the place he usually goes. So, she chased after Jeremy and found out that Jeremy as on the bus alone. Then, she boarded the bus, and saw Jeremy was leaning his back against the window and he looked upset. Then, she approached Jeremy and stared at him. But Jeremy still doesn’t look at her.
“This is my bus. Get off!!” finally Jeremy talked. She tried to persuade him.
“ I am okay if we are just friends. I am okay if I am nothing to you, but if you say that it’s Tae Kyung, I can’t be fine. Why? Why it isn’t me? I only told you my secret, I only let you touch my Jolie, the dog, I was going to sing a song only for you. Why? Why don’t you like me?”   he kept on babbling. She was all sad that time. How could she accept Jeremy while Tae Kyung was always her star? Tears started to run. Jeremy always cheered her up when she was down, Jeremy was always there for her but she can’t accept him. She would never accept him. She looked at Jeremy’s face. She never saw Jeremy like this before. Then, she slowly walked to another seat and sat down. Her face was still looking at Jeremy.
All of a sudden, she heard Jeremy’s phone ringing and heard Jeremy talking on the phone.
“Hello, this is Jeremy.”
“Yes, I’m going to sing ‘Really good word’ to someone’s special”. Even he tried to sound cheerful, but he couldn’t. she saw his face. He smiled but tears keep going down on his face.
“These very good words were so precious to me, that I held onto dearly. But holding on it dearly, can mean that it can’t be said again. But I hope it doesn’t become words...


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