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The Constitution and Declaration on Health Care

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The Constitution and Declaration on Health Care

When comparing the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence, we see a great distinction of interests between the two documents. The Declaration is protest of mistreatment from its English tyrants, while the Constitution upholds that idea and creates a system of government. The attitude and manor of the Declaration is one of emotions motivated from past events that separated the Colonists from Great Britain.   Whereas the Constitution is setting arrangements for a new government that cedes power to the will of the colonists as they see fit.
The Declaration lists certain allegations of abuses against King George III of England against the colonists. These abuses played a great role in setting the course of creating the Bill of Rights.   The Bill of Rights were a direct answer to the specific abuses from king George. For example, on the matter of judges they were to answer to his will only, and his rejection of a jury. The Constitution stated that all citizens should have the right of speedy trial by a jury. As for the position of having the defendant tried in their district was addressing the fact that king George was having the defendants transported to England for a trial.
The Constitution on the other lacks the raw emotions of the Declaration. It composed a series of complex decree of principle on how should the government be enforced. The vital importance of the Constitution is its elastic clause. Which gave the power to future generations to change the laws of the country as they see fit by popular vote. We find the question of universal health care a dilemma. Does the Constitution support a federal program that provides for universal health care for all citizens of the United States?
Health Care is basic right that is contained in the Constitution. Our founding father realized that future generations would face a different issue, which is why they wrote the Constitution so it can...


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