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Ancient China

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The history of China starts around 7000 B.C.E. The Chinese civilization began to leave records as early as 1600 to 1500 B.C.E. In early days, Chinese civilization was developed alongside the Yellow River. Through China’s complex history, modern day historians have simplified each into different periods, with each period having advances in their civilization.
The Formative Period
During the Formative Period, the Shang Dynasty already had the creation of written Chinese language. They also had the development of cities, and crafting of bronze and jade. These are all significant today as China is now going through an industrial phase and have a lot of jade and bronze in today’s civilization. Before the fall of the Shang, they left behind their script, religious and social values, ceramics, and joke is still used today. The Classical Age includes the Zhou period which lasted until 256 BCE. They were quite behind in material aspects of civilization, but made progress with their military technology. The Chinese mad weapons like the crossbow, and their iron technology was much further than Persia. The chariots of the Shang Dynasty were replaced.

The First Empire
The First Empire and China’s first real dynasty began in 221 B.C.E., with Prince Shi Huangdi. He was responsible for the most ambitious project in Ancient China. The Great Wall of China. Shi Huangdi simply joined and extended the shorter walls that were already in place from the northern states.
The Han Dynasty was best known for the Silk Road. It was the world’s first international trade route, which linked China and Rome together for trade. The Third Empire included the Song Dynasty in 960. During the Song Dynasty, there was progress in shipbuilding, ceramics, and production of coal and iron. It is said that they discovered gunpowder by accident and used it for mining coal, iron, and weapons


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