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Living and Working with Children

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Ways to help CDK

  scholarships: it cost about $20.000-$24.000 to train a dog for 8 weeks until it is partnered with somebody. with these scholarships CDK is able to encourage the training and placement of more dogs for children.
  The CDK credit card: the first time you use this credit card you donate $50.00 automatically from the bank and than after that every time you use the credit card a small amount of money will be donated to CDK.
  Donations: CDK is a non-profit organization that relies completely on private individual and corporate donations. without individual contributions they wouldn’t be able to help so many, the amount you would like to donate is up to you but, usually people offer their tax-deductible,annuities or other services.
  Pledge: the pledge can be made for anyone out there maybe somebody you know or it could be for a random person as well.
  Fund-raising:currently CDK has 2 fund-raisers going on the 1st one is the 5 million pennies =$50,000 for a few Lincolns. The fundraiser finishes on august 31st. So far they have raised $4,714.25. another one is the jewelery &Accessories Party on Thursday November 3rd to support CDK

Education with dogs
every school has a child with some sort of disability. Depending on your disability you can get a dog at school but there are condition and ways to do that. some schools might accept it but some might not. the federal law supersedes all state laws and does require access for these canine tools. the ADA (American With Disabilities Act) secures access for all tools being used by a person who has   a disability   so those tools can help that person to expand their independence. The ADA is clear about the facilities allowing access for these tools but they are not taking responsibility for it. if the child is capable of taking care of the dog in public without the help of a caregiver or parent, that when he or she will be allowed to keep the dog on school grounds. This will be determined by...


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