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There Are Times When Lying Is Acceptable.

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There are times when lying is acceptable.
Lying is a method to hide or to defend something or to change situation. In general, lie is the worst motion, however, sometimes it is acceptable. Below I would like to illustrate several reasons and examples and support my point of view.
First of all, white lies which are harmless are very useful in some situations. For instance, say that you have met with your acquaintance who is not close to you and he or she asked about his/her hair style or dress. Of course, you will not say it is terrible even it is really harmfull. You have to say ‘yes, it is very nice’ or something like this. Another example, say that you are at your friend’s and there is meal which you hate and you do not want to eat. However, when he/she asks about the taste of meal, you have to say that ‘it is really good’, but not like ‘I hate this meal, I do not feel like to eat’.
Moreover, there can be some situations like you have forgotten completing a work and if it takes less time to complete this work, you can say a white lie to your boss or someone needs it, but on condition that you really will complete this work. This type of lies are also harmless and very useful in situations above.
Moreover, most men have girl-friend. So, when they are late to the meeting they can tell a white lie as there was a traffic jam or the there was a bill to pay for something and something like this, even you sleeped out. This kind of lies is also acceptable in its turn.
Taking into a consideration all above mentioned reasons and examples, I would like to mention once more that some lies about appearance as hairstyle or dresses and some situations when you are a guest and lies when men say when they are late to the meeting are acceptable. Therefore, I agree with opinion that ‘There are times when lying is acceptable’. (339).


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