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Feild Report

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I was assigned to do a field visit report. This entitled observing a major-related institution of my choice for one day, so that I may obtain a perspective on the typical daily operation of the facility. I chose to observe the daily operation of a gym. The Gold’s gym, in North Carolina, had its own safety measures, staff responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses. I was able to see some of these characteristics during my time in the facility.

              The facilities mission statement was “Know your own strength”. Safety measures were posted around the gym in various points. They were located near equipment they applied the most to. I learned the measures and why they were important to follow. Some of the safety measures were to be sure to always integrate warm-ups, stretching, and cool-down into your program. This will reduce your risk of injury by increasing blood flow and prepping your muscles for the work they are about to do. Proper breathing is essential in weightlifting. If you hold your breath while exercising, you run the risk of raising your blood pressure and starving your brain of oxygen. Don’t leave equipment lying around the weight room. This will prevent somebody else from tripping over the weights. Have a spotter. Having a spotter is not only for safety measures but for performance enhancement. Also they recommended having a workout partner. I found these all to be great guidelines in insuring a safe and beneficial workout. They will really help prevent injuries and protect the lifter.

              I was able to witness a few staff members and ask them some questions about their positions and responsibilities. The first was the fitness specialist. He had to supervise and manage daily operation, enforce fitness center policies and procedures, educate participants on proper and safe exercise form, and more. Then I talked to a personal trainer. He had to execute fitness assessment testing, design exercise programs for a variety of...


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