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Nowadays, we constantly hear how the quality of life has deteriorated, that crime is on the rise and that people simply cannot be trusted. It seems that what all the people care about is success and that real relationships simply do not exist. Is it really true that the human relations are much worse today than they were fifty years ago?
In the past, it is undeniable that there used to be much more trust. For example my grandparents have told me that no one ever locked their front door, something that is unheard today. Nowadays, not only do we lock and bolt our doors but most of us all also install security cameras and systems. It is more than apparent that rising crime rates have forced us to be more careful and to show greater caution in our everyday lives.
In addition there is no denying that life has become more competitive. As we all desire success in our careers, we have learned not to trust others. A higher standard of living is of the outmost importance, often taking precedence over social and even family relationships. Many children rarely see their parents, who are too preoccupied with career concerns. As a child, both of my parents worked, as did the parents of most of my friends. This was unheard when my grandparents were children.
However, there is another side to the story, to a considerable extent, human relationships respond to the way society is, but that does not mean true friendships and family relationships cannot be developed. Perhaps in the past, there was more trust between people but this does not mean that friendships and relationships or family ties were deeper. People were simply responding to the way of life was. For example, although my parents worked hard, they always made time for their children and we have a very strong relationship. Similarly, I may not have many friends, but the ones I have could be considered true friends as they have stood by me despite the demands of modern life.
Thus, it is my opinion that modern life...


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