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The Effect of Temperature on the Cell Membrane of Beetroot Cells

To investigate whether temperature will damage and denature the plasma
cell surface membrane of beetroot cells.

Background Information.

In spite of their many differences in function and appearance, all
cells have a surrounding membrane (called the plasma membrane). The
purpose of a cell membrane is to selectively control the movement of
substances into and out of the cell. The membrane is made of 40%
lipids, 0-10% carbohydrate and 50- 60% protein. Lipids tend to liquefy
at high temperatures causing ruptures in the plasma membrane. In
membranes there are intrinsic proteins that act as 'carriers' and
channels that assist with movement of molecules through the membrane
and extrinsic proteins that are embedded in the outer phospholipid
layer acting as receptors. Proteins inside the cytoplasm are found in
the ribosomes, rough endoplasmic reticulum and golgi vesicles.
Proteins in plants are more likely to withstand higher temperatures of
50 oC, but once proteins have denatured they are no longer able to
carry out there function. The membrane is an extremely thin partially
permeable 7.5 (nm) layer. Lipids belong to a group known as
triglycerides that are made by the combination of three fatty acid
molecules chemically linked to one glycerol molecule. All cells have a
surrounding membrane is some shape or form commonly called the plasma
membrane that contains a rich solution of water called the cytoplasm.
All Eukaryotic cells have nucleus' that contain DNA, which holds the
genetic information and directs the cell's activities.

Diffusion is the movement of molecules where they are in high
concentration to where they are in lower concentration, down a
concentration gradient. Energy for the movement comes from the kinetic
energy of the molecules themselves.


* White tile

* Beetroot.

* Cork borer

* Knife

* Pens

* Pipette

* Beaker.



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