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Advertising Theory

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This journal is about Rossiter- Percy grind adverting planning.Rossiter –Percy proposes what amounts to a theory of emotions and motivations in advertising. The theory centers on the communication effect of brand attitude.Rossitier and Percy define brand attitudes consisting of essentially of a propositional link between a brand and purchase motivation. A consumer or a buyer could thus hold several attitudes towards a brand, depending on the purchase motivation operation at the time.
In definiding brand attitude in terms of motivation,Rossitier and Percy departs from the overall evaluation of attitude popularised by Fishbein and Ajzen(1975) and argue that brand attitude must have an energizing function. Overall evaluation becomes merely a particular type of attitude where the purchase motive is sensory grafication.
In the age of the internet, any marketer can set up a Web site to take advantage of its enormous potential for marketing products and services, provide customer support, or communicate with diverse stakeholders (Watson, Zinkhan, and Pitt 2000).The internet help consumers to browse on a web page to purchase their product whenever they want to. The internet marketing is a way a marketer communicates with the consumers. It allows markets to test their consumer’s level of tolerance for their products.
Due to pop-up blockers consumers’ tolerance for commercial interruption is low but their intolerance for the marketers that not mean they do not want to have conversation with the marketers but rather they want to start the conversation, entertain and engage in their own terms.
Product type plays an important role in influencing online consumers for example an online consumer may dismiss an advert of cleaning products as boring but will click pop adverts like holidays cruising. The consumer can wait patiently to click on the advert because they see the advert very interesting .Therefore i will say product type play an important role in influencing online...


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