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  1. From which surface of a mirror-the polished surface or the silvered   surface – does most of the light reflect ?
  2. In which   kinds of mirrors-plane , concave or   convex-can you get a virtual   image of an object   placed in   front of it ?
  3. What is the principal axis of a spherical mirror ?
  4. A concave   mirror forms a real image of the same size as that of the object. Where is the object placed ?
  5. Can a convex mirror form a real image of an object ?
  6. A ray ACB is incident on a spherical   mirror whose centre of curvature   is C. In which direction will it reflect ?
  7. What is the sign of the object-distance when an object is placed before   a concave mirror?
  8. Where can   the position of an object be if   a concave   mirror forms its erect   and virtual   image ?
  9. A mirror has focal length cm. Is it convex or concave ?
  10. What are   the values of the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection for normal   incidence on a plane   mirror ?
  11. In the diagram, the ray is incident   parallel to the principal axis. Redraw the diagram, showing the reflected ray.

Short-Answer Questions

  1. What is silvering of a mirror ?
  2. Write the two   laws of reflection of light .
  3. What do you understand   by the   radius of curvature of a spherical mirror ?
  4. What is the difference between a real image and a virtual image ?
  5. Draw a diagram showing the pole, focus, centre of curvature and principal   axis of a concave mirror.
  6.   Convex mirrors are used   as rear-view mirrors in scooters, motorcycles , etc. Explain why.
  7. Draw ray diagrams to show the formation of images   when an object is placed (a) between   the pole   and focus, and (b) between the centre of curvature and focus.

Long-Answer Questions

1. Describe   a method to measure the focal length of a concave   mirror.
2. Write the sign convention used for spherical   mirrors.
3.         By drawing a neat ray diagram, show...


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