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Peasants and Nobles

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Peasants & Nobles
The peasants and nobles were different but in a way they had something in common. The peasants though had a much more tough time in Medieval Europe than the Nobles. The nobles had a much easier time and had many more luxuries than the peasants.
Peasants in Medieval Europe had a very hard and harsh life style. Many peasants lived as farmers on a nobles land. Their life was extremely hard but not many peasants rebelled due to a harsh system of law and order. The peasants had no choice but obey their local lord to whom they swore an oath of obedience on the bible. They also had to pay taxes and rent to their lord. The taxes were paid out to a church called a Tithe. This tax was either paid in cash or in seeds and equipment. Also, during Medieval Europe, peasants did not belong to themselves. They had very little freedom to do what they want and everything they owned belonged to the lord of the manor. A peasants life was very harsh and for many, very short.
In medieval Europe, Nobles had to be loyal to the noble above them in the hierarchy, his “Lord”. The highest noble in medieval times were Kings and Queens, also known as Monarchs. Nobles were independent with their own castle and small army. If a noble was to disagree with the noble above them there was a great possibility that a small war could break out. With this happening it did not result in a strong central government. The rich (nobles) enjoyed a much finer life than that of a peasant. They had a wider variety of food, better homes, and were able to indulge in many luxuries while the peasants were left to suffer and continue on with their brutal life style.
Peasants had it rough! They were poor, mistreated and had no choice but to serve and cater to the rich and powerful. It truly seems that their life was rather unfair. Nobles had it better but they also had to serve others who were above them. If they neglected to serve the noble above a fight with small armies was imminent....


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