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Euphemism in Business Negotiaton

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一、 Business environment, each of the parties to achieve the intended
Euphemism is the use of language in the process of a universal phenomenon; it is not only a social linguistic phenomenon, but also a cultural phenomenon. Whether or foreign communication in daily life, we will have to be verbal communication. Because some differences in living habits or customs, as well as different cultural backgrounds have different taboos of society, we must learn to use euphemisms to avoid embarrassment or unpleasant. Therefore, only about euphemisms in different backgrounds, different environments using the method in order to achieve the purpose of successful communication. Euphemisms may reflect a variety of social psychology, which also reflects a variety of Euphemism of social communicative function. Euphemisms in various fields have a wide range of applications, it is for us to learn English, carry out effective cross-cultural communication are of great help
2 .2The causes Euphemism
2.2.1 As the fear of heaven and earth spirits and the use of euphemism
"Whether or primitive tribe is a highly civilized society, there is the phenomenon of euphemism; no matter how large or minority language languages, there are euphemisms. Euphemism used in the field of all sectors of society." Spirits of the call is to generate pairs of euphemism The earliest one area. The people of early times, due to the level of productivity, scientific conditions, they believe that a natural god, superstition and those demons, gods, and many can not explain the mysterious phenomenon attributed to the gods of heaven and earth is everything, then produce a kind of supernatural worship as well as fear, taboo phenomenon for us. The names of the earliest human spirits became a taboo word, but refer to the gods and the first word is a euphemism.

In the Anglo-Saxon countries, it is widely believe in God (God), out of fear of God, they dare not direct that the Lord God (Jehoval) the name, so...


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