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Shristi jain                  
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Guided by: Shikha Mam

The price of human greed is being paid by yet another animal species the tiger. Today the tiger population is getting depleted at an alarming rate. According to a recent survey, one tiger is being poached every day.
If the present state of affairs is allowed to continue, the next generation will not get to see the majestic animal even in the zoo.
              It is high time that action is taken to protect and conserve the tigers in order to maintain the ecological balance. Stringent laws against poachers must be enforced.
              Let us not forget that if we destroy nature, ultimately we will be destroyed ourselves.
            Saving the tiger means we save forest. Tigers are now endangered species .Today there is about 5000 to 7400 left in the world. The two reasons why tigers are endangered are: habitat loss and illegal killing.
The editor
Dainik Bhaskar
Raipur [C.G]
Subject: ways to save tiger
Dear editor,
As a former member of WWF and having been close to wild tigers of India, I found a report on the failure of the current approaches to the animal conservation.
The one thing that will save tigers is that there should be ban on hunting of tigers for their body parts, which are in great demand. Leave them alone, LET THEM LIVE IN THE WILDERNESS and do not kill them for any personal benefits.
Please save tiger from extinction.
Yours faithfully,
Shristi jain
The global tiger population estimated at anywhere between 3062 to 5066. The WWF of nature estimates the tiger population at 3200. The exact number of wild tiger is unknown.
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